Student BIOS

LIU Zhang

PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management

MPhil in Environmental Science, SCNU
B.S. in Environmental Science, HZAU


Supervisor:  Prof. YEUNG King Lun       Co-Supervisor: Prof. KWAN Joseph

Research Topic  
Metal Organic Framework Aerogels Synthesis and Their Functional Applications
Zeolitic Imidazole frawework (ZIF), Metal organic framework (MOF), aerogel, zinc oxide, copper oxide

The pore structures and specific surface area influence the materials performence to great extent. As a type of materials, Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) with structures based on organic ligands such as imidazole, carboxylates and metal cations such as Zn2+, Cu2+ present high efficient gases (hydrogen, methane) storage. Such performance is believed to be able to improve by supercritical drying of MOFs based materials, resulting in MOFs aerogels. However, due to the MOFs gels are difficult to obtain, the convertion of MOFs aerogel from reacting coordinations with metal-compound based alcogels will be discussed in this study.

Title Date Length Type and Location
Introduction and preparation of Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) 2014-03-13 45 MIN ENVR PG seminar
Synthesis of hierarchical porous metal-organic-framework (MOF) aerogels for environmental applications 2015-02-04 30 min PhD Qualifying Exam oral defense, Rm5510
Food waste management in Wuhan and Hong Kong 2015-03-06 15 min ENVR PG seminar, Rm 4502
Carbon Capture and Sequestration 2015-04-20 30 min Class presentation, Rm 4505
Air Quality Modeling at Street Level over Urban Areas in Hong Kong 2015-04-27 15 min ENVR PG seminar, Rm 4502
The Impact of El Niño on Natural Disasters and Response of Human Society 2015-05-10 45 min/3 person Class presentation, Rm 4505
Sustainable technologies – Technologies allowing recycling and biodegradable materials 2015-08-06 30 min Conference presentation, location:Conference Room 1, Level 1, Biopolis & IMRE, Singapore
A general route to synthesize hierarchical porous metal-organic-framework (MOF) aerogels 2015-08-18 25 min Conference presentation, location:Room 160B - Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA, US
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