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LI Jinjian

PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management

B.S. in Environmental Science, Beijing Normal University


Supervisor:  Prof. LAU Alexis       Co-Supervisor: Prof. YU Jianzhen

Research Topic  
Aging characteristics of submicron aerosols investigated using the potential aerosol mass chamber GoPAM coupled with AMS
submicron aerosol, AMS, PAM

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) is responsible for various environmental effects, including climate change, visibility degradation, and public health threat. More severe influence of PM pollution in urban areas of megacities like Hong Kong calls for performing effective and accurate PM measurements to investigate its physical and chemical characteristics. Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) is one of the newly developed high-time-resolution online instruments that provides chemically speciated mass concentrations and aerosol mass spectra of a certain part of PM, namely non-refractory particles with a diameter smaller than 1 µm (NR-PM1). My study aims to investigate the total mass, chemical composition, formation mechanisms, and source apportionment of NR-PM1. We will apply AMS to measure the mass concentration and chemical speciation of ambient air, and illustrate its oxidation potential and formation processes by adding a Potential Aerosol Mass Oxidation Reactor (PAM) that simulates atmospheric oxidation conditions before AMS. We will also use Positive Matrix Factorization analysis to do the source apportionment. Analysis results will enable efficient control strategies for not only such urban locations in Hong Kong, but also highly populated areas affected by similar climate patterns and traffic and residential emissions in the Pearl River Delta region.

Title Date Length Type and Location
Aging characteristics of submicron aerosols at the HKUST site investigated using the potential aerosol mass chamber GoPAM coupled with AMS 2017-08-24 15 min Photochemical Smog in China: Formation, transformation, impact and abatement strategies. Gothenburg, Sweden
Teaching Assistant
Semester Course Code Course Title Class Size
2016-17 Spring ENVR 2020 Urban Air Pollution 44
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