Student BIOS


MPhil Candidate in Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Bsc in Environmental Management and Technology, HKUST


Supervisor:  Prof. FUNG Jimmy       Co-Supervisor: Prof. YEUNG Lam Lung

Research Topic  
How to encourage residents’ pro-environmental behaviour with smart meters in residential hall
pro-environmental behaviour in students

Many environmental problems, such as energy scarcity, have been caused by human behaviour. The residential sector consumed over 28% of world’s electricity and one-fifth of Hong Kong’s electricity. To devise a better energy planning strategy, there is a need to investigate the environmental psychology behind residents’ electrical usage behaviour, so as to encourage pro-environmental behaviour that enhances quality of the environment. The paper aimed at evaluating how engagement activities programme, which is paired with smart electricity meters to quantify subsequent behavioural change, encourage pro-environmental behaviour and change in attitudes in residential hall. In this study, we opted two approaches for engagement activities. The first is making pro-environmental behaviour pleasurable and more attractive and second is strengthening the idea that pro-environmental behaviour is an appropriate moral act. This study consists of two rounds with an estimated number of 200 participants. Surveys, interviews and focus groups would be used as tools to examine the interest to continue participate activities, to evaluate whether engagement activities encouraged residents’ behavioural change and to examine their actual behavioural change. We expect that the effectiveness of engagement activities to create pro-environmental behaviour changes would be reflected in their measured energy consumption. This can serve as an example of how engagement activities are related to the residents’ pro-environmental behaviour and their corresponding energy consumption.

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